Our family has started participating in 5k's.  My son with DMD is almost 10 years old and about 65 lbs. My oldest son is non-DMD and wants to start running with us.  We want my 10 year old with DMD to be involved but don't know which mobility device is best.  He has a go go elite scooter.  He isn't too fond of it since a couple of adults made thoughtless comments though.  We thought we could get him to get on the scooter but he's not too keen on that.  He seems interested in the stroller though.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to which stroller is best for our older boys?  Thanks!

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I recommend www.adaptivestar.com. we run with our son and he is 160 pounds. getting in and out isn't always easy but the races are a breeze. they sell some gel padding that really helps make it comfortable too... for a 5k not a big deal but the longer runs I can get uncomfortable without the padding.
get ready for some sticker shock however. we able to get ours through donation from the local firefighters union

Thank you, David!  I appreciate the feedback. 

This is an organization that runs races in our area. They provide the running strollers and "angels" volunteer to push

them. Maybe there is something similar in your area.



Thank you, Janine!  What a great program.

Team Hoyt has a new line of running strollers, ill get the link from them. 

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