Max will need a medic alert bracelet since he will be starting steroids soon. Does anyone have a vendor they can recommend that sells child-friendly styles and small sizes? Any other info I need to know? Thanks!

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Veronica, Wyatt wears a bracelet. 

Wyatt's bracelet says DMD on the front, on the inside says No Inhaled Anesthia, Steriod Dependent.


Veronica E. said:

Here's what Andrea in Dr. Wong's office said when I e-mailed her about verbiage:

"I would have the diagnosis placed on the bracelet and that child is taking steroids, and add child should not have  inhaled anesthesia agents. If you would like to place a phone number you could use 1 -513-803-3000-neuromuscular center."


I am going to be more specific about anasthesia and use the verbiage cvita uses (thanks!), and include my cell number and Dr. Wong's name and number.


Thanks for all the ideas, guys! Now I need to get busy and place the order!

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