Has anyone heard of this supplement? It looks bogus but thought I would ask on behalf of a newly diagnosed family who asked about it.


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What does MD Tab contain and where did you hear of it?

I heard about it from a parent with a son who had just been diagnosed. He had done a Google search and asked me about it when gave them a peer support call. I have told him that I would not give it to my son and that the words "effective treatment for Muscular Dystrophy" generally makes me stop reading.

The ingredients are:
Magnesium Murakab
Zinc Murakab
Berberis aristate Ext
Egg Shell Calcium
Substituted olive Oil

I don't think there is anything in there that would harm a person but for $80.00 US plus shipping a month, it does not seem like a wise use of money. I found the same ingredients listed in a product called Gen-Xing which is being marketed as an energy boosting product. I suspect they are just trying to extend their market for their product by calling it MD Tab.

All this being said, I'd still be interested if anyone has had an experience with this.

Thanks for your reply.

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