Has anyone been told that massaging our boys' legs is good?

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We massage our son's legs for over 30 minutes every single night and follow with stretches, without fail. It softens up the tissue in his lower legs and makes stretching them much easier. When we start on the massage, they are hard as rocks. By the time we finish, they are much more supple. I can only see this as being a good thing. This is the practice we were taught by both James' Australian physios and his Singapore (we lived there for 4 years) physio. Now that we are living in England, they don't actually suggest massage, but I have been telling all the parents i've met here about the benefits and many of them are doing it now as well. And they are seeing a difference between massaging and not massaging.
we do the same as Sharyn. It really is helpful and he is miserable on the days we do not do it
Definitely a good thing...for you too ;-)
Thanks ladies....do you just massage calves?
At this stage, we only massage his calves.

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