My son is 11 and while he can walk leaning on me or my husband, he is mainly on his scooter now (since a fall in March & tight muscles) and a transport chair for quick trips and airports.  It was suggested by his doctors at Columbia Presbyterian this past visit that he get measured for a Quickie 2 Lite for proper seating and so he could propel himself around when not on the scooter.  I believe it will be a help at home as we have a basic Rifton chair which he really doens't care for and most times at home he is on the couch or computer chair.  When in those seats he has to call me for everything -- put in another video game or get him over to the computer, etc.  He can push the big wheels to get himself around.  He may even use it in school as an addition to his Go Go scooter. 


Does anyone's son have one of these out there?  Do they like it?  Easy to use?  Kevin's eyes lit up when he tried one out because he can't do anything in the transport chair.  The transport chair has small wheels and is really for getting him in and out of the car or van and into school where he transfers on to his scooter.    Any opinions?


thanks.  Patti Frank

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.My first wheel chair was a quickie it was great. I would go with the Quickie 2 Lite with sport wheels. Sport wheels and tires have less traction but will be easer for him to propel himself. The nice the with quickie is they don't look like there for old people and you customize it a bit. He can get any color he wants, cool aluminum or spoke rims , different armrests.
In school I used a manual wheelchair but would have been good to have a choice because when I got tired I interacted less with friends.
Hi Jason, thanks. looks like we getting "Toxic Green" -- kind of looks like the green on the Coach to Cure football, only brighter. Kevin picked it out for himself. He has his definite tastes. Yes, the quickie 2 does not look line an old person's wc, so I think Kevin liked it. He as a GoGo scooter at school and two at home -- a Go Go Elite and a Pride Revo -- which we call his "ATS" All Terrain Scooter which he can use over grass, dirt, whatever his friends can ride their bikes on. He's very social and outgoing, so he has many friends at school, which is great! I'll have to call the rep with the Quicke Light and ask about those wheels.

Do you have the Quickie Extender on your wc to make it easier to propel? Thanks for the infor.

Patti Frank
Hi patti. Happy to hear Kevin likes the chair. I'm 30,no longer use a manual wheelchair and Quickie XTender Power Assist
came out the year I got my power wheelchair. Never tried the Quickie XTender but looks great, think it will realy help. Ask the wheelchair rep, maybe Kevin can take it for a test drive.

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