My son is 11 and while he can walk leaning on me or my husband, he is mainly on his scooter now (since a fall in March & tight muscles) and a transport chair for quick trips and airports.  It was suggested by his doctors at Columbia Presbyterian this past visit that he get measured for a Quickie 2 Lite for proper seating and so he could propel himself around when not on the scooter.  I believe it will be a help at home as we have a basic Rifton chair which he really doens't care for and most times at home he is on the couch or computer chair.  When in those seats he has to call me for everything -- put in another video game or get him over to the computer, etc.  He can push the big wheels to get himself around.  He may even use it in school as an addition to his Go Go scooter. 


Does anyone's son have one of these out there?  Do they like it?  Easy to use?  Kevin's eyes lit up when he tried one out because he can't do anything in the transport chair.  The transport chair has small wheels and is really for getting him in and out of the car or van and into school where he transfers on to his scooter.    Any opinions?


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While we don't have one of those chairs i would be concerned that he will get very tired trying to push it around himself. I would recommend just getting a power chair. He can use it as needed and is able to get around on his own without become too tired trying to wheel himself around. Also i don't know what insurance you have but if you buy one wheelchair they might not approve buying another within a curtain about of time and being 11 he will probably need a power chair in the near future. My son was close to 12 when we bought his power chair . he was still able to walk around some and also he used his scooter too but once we bought the power chair it was so much easier to use to get around and also was made to fit his body so was much more comfortable than the scooter.
My son got his Quickie 2 when he was 14 and it is a great chair. He had the xtender power assist system so you might want to look into that. It makes it so much easier for them to push. He used that chair for 4 years before he got his full power chair. One of the advantages was that we could put off buying a new van because this folded up and could pick it up and put it in the car easily.
Thantks to you both for your input. Donna, right now the plan is to get this one as it is considered a "Manual" and he is able to propel well with it right now. Plus, for getting around more with friends, he has his two scooers == a Pride GoGo Elite and a Pride Revo, otherwise known as his "ATS" All Terrian Scooter which goes over dirt, grass, etc. and has a headlight and back light. He loves it. At school he has a Go Go Ultra that the school bought and keeps at school. I take him to school in our van and his aide rolls him in on our transport chair and he transfers Kevin to his scooter. We are getting the Quickie 2 on the suggestion of his docs and PT at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC just for better seating at home since now he's just on the soft couch or the computer chair. This way he can move himself around our den to his video games and computer. Once he gets it, he may go to school in that and trade off during the day depending upon what he is doing. The PT at Columbia is very up on all the insurance and tells me that since the wc is considered manual, he will be eligible for a full power chair down the road even if it is in the three year time frame == all she will need is a letter of medical necessity saying his situation has changed. I am getting that in writing but she has done this many times before. That is why we are not getting any power assist mechanism on it. Then we get the power chair down the road, we'll supplement with the Quickie 2 when needed. Yes, we were concerned about the whole ins. situation as well, but it looks like that is covered. Kevin's eyes lit up when he tried out the Quickie sample and he could move himself around, but, of course, he loves his scooters for getting around with his friends. So thanks for everyone's input. Kevin picked out Toxic Green as his color -- he loves the bright colors. Patti

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