Just curious as to when/if any one remembers when bowel control become an issue. I was not quite sure where this topic fits in...

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My son has always had bowel problems, since birth actually. He was diagnosed woth chronic constipation before he was diagnosed with dmd.
Ditto, Mitchell has always had bowel issues, and has just spent 10 days in hospital with a severe impaction.......... now his bowel is hardly working at alll, and he has to have bowel softeners, bowel stimulants and lots and lots of movicol (osmotic laxative) every day.........

I think sometimes the gastro doctors underestimate the effect of DMD on the smooth muscle in the bowel - some say it is affected, most say it isn't.......

Age wise I don't know, Mitch is 11, but he stopped walking at 7 so I guess its all relative.....

Good luck :-)

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