It is not common, but 3 times this year my son has experienced leg cramps in the calf. They are severe! It takes 20 minutes or so to subside and the pain is tremendous.

It takes a day or so for the "knot" to fully subside.

His docs basically shrugged and said "comes with the territory" and offered same advice one usually hears for cramps - bananas (for potassium) and stretching.

But I wonder if any of you have other suggestions. Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.


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Some kids have had great responses to a supplement called Protandim.  We also do nightly leg massages.


Protandim definitely will help.  This happened to a friend of mine (she may comment on this) and she found her son's protandim under the fridge where he was tossing them!  Since getting back on it, no more leg cramps...and that has been for over a year.  I don't think you can buy it direct from the company anymore now that they have gone to direct sales, but there are several of us who sell it.  I do, Kimberly Procko does, Drew Malone does as well.  Possibly others.  Let me know if I can help. It is a pretty amazing supplement that tons of our boys are on it without conflict with any of their other meds.


We will definitely look into protandim, thank you Lisa and Lori.

When Joshua would get leg cramps, we would put him in the tub with a spa mat to massage and loosen his legs.  After about 20 minutes, he was back to himself and we are able to massage much deeper and do physio.  The school also purchased a spa tub to use if it happens there for the same purpose.

I found too much information on protandim that suggests it is a fraud. I don't know whom to believe but at this point we are going to stick to more basic approach:

1 - more calf stretching / massages before bed

2 - bananas every day

3 - baths instead of showers

Thanks everybody for your help.


Hi David,

Yes there is alot of information on fraud if you google protandim. I have no idea where it comes from. But, if you search the US governments site and search on protandim, you will find accurate information.  I don't blame you hesitancy with the info that is out there!  The route you are taking is the less expensive route for sure!!! If it doesn't work, you can still check into the other.

Good luck.


Hi David, a great place to go for the science behind Protandim is  There are 9 published papers there on Protandim studies and research.  Also, there are over 20 universities funding their own research on Protandim and the specific diseases they research. If you haven't already, watch the ABC Primetime segment video done in 2005 at for a very positive piece by John Quionnes.  Also you can go to to watch very informative videos with Dr. Joe McCord talking about the science and the current research going on.  There are some bitter people out there for whatever reasons that try to make people believe that Protandim is a fraud.  Trust me, Protandim does exactly what it says it does, and in our experience so much more.  We started our son Baylor on Protandim when he was 2 years old back in 2006.  He was the youngest child at that time to ever be on it according to Dr. McCord.  After starting Protandim, we saw much greater flexibility, the cramps he would wake up with during the night and get when he ran around to much went away, his calves were soft as jello, not hard and fibrous feeling.  Protandim gives Baylor a better quality of life, and that is what we aim for.  I've told people about Protandim for years, so decided this year to become a distributor. That way I can make the money I need to keep Baylor and the rest of our family supplied with Protandim each day.  Baylor even tells people now that he doesn't fall down much because he takes his 'an-tan-dim'.  The funny part is when he tells other people (like his school aide) that they need to take it! =) 

Best of luck in your approaches, we all have to do what we feel is right =)

Happy New Year!


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