I want to start L-arginine 7g per day for my son. I started Juven and for some reason, my son started complaining about calf muscle pain, he did not have that prior to starting Juven. I got scared and stopped juven. I want to try just l-arginine 7g per day. Which brand may be the best? Thanks.

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We use Nitrate 3 Fuel Shot by Twin Labs, but it was discontinued. We're going to run out very soon (stocked up when we found out). I haven't really looked into other brands since we were planning on trying Juven once our supply was gone.
GNC has an orange flavored powder mix. It's serving is based on 5g, but it's in a can and you can easily add an extra 1/2 scoop or so to get it to the 7g. It tastes okay too.
What time of day do you usually take it and with what other supplements is it safe and not safe to take it with?

Sam takes half with his morning meds and half with his afternoon (4pm-ish) meds. He takes steroids, protandim, coq10, vit D, and a multi-vitamin.


Joshua's mom said:
What time of day do you usually take it and with what other supplements is it safe and not safe to take it with?

Kian recently started taking a custom amino blend from metabolic maintanance, I added glutamine powder and creatine and saw a dramatic increase in strength and endurance immediatly. I mix it with juice when he comes home from school and it doesn't interfere with his sleep.
What would you use this supplement for? I only give my son 50mgs of CoQ10. Doctors that I am talking to are not giving me any more feedback about supplements.
Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) catalyses the formation of nitric oxide (NO) and citruline from L-arginine, oxygen and cofactors." You can look under Research and the heading; "Muscular dystrophy mystery solved; scientists move closer to MD solution".

I see that a clinical trial for L-Arginine will be initiated soon.I was thinking that this supplement is of no benefit,but if it will enter the clinical trial,it means that there is a debate about it to increase Utrophin.
Once I read that it might promote cardiac fibrosis,so we don't know if this supplement can be given to our son or not!

Has anyone got a good result with L-Arginine?

We use l-carnitine not l-arginine so I need to check that one out. I am sort of answering your question, but not as use other things to help preventr muscle pain, and so far so good as he used to complain a lot, but doesnt any more.  We give Dylan aged 8 (under his paediatrican) 4000iu of Vit D twice a day and a magnesium supplement for muscle pain, also daily baths with epsom salts (magnesium phosphate).  Massage with arnica oil can hel too.  Regards  Debbie

Not a doctor, but since our son's diagnosis I've spent a great deal of time poring over clinical evaluations of dietary supplements. L-arginine looked very promising, I read about the increase of utrophin and nnos and was cautiously excited until I saw this:

Arginine Metabolism by Macrophages Promotes Cardiac and Muscle Fibr...

TLDR: Our findings demonstrate that arginine metabolism by arginase promotes fibrosis of muscle in muscular dystrophy and contributes to kyphosis. Our findings also show that long-term, dietary supplementation with arginine exacerbates fibrosis of dystrophic heart and muscles. Thus, commonly-practiced dietary supplementation with arginine by DMD patients has potential risk for increasing pathology when performed for long periods, despite reports of benefits acquired with short-term supplementation.

It may be worth consulting a physician on the possibility of cycling dietary arginine periodically, but given the dearth of clinical research on long term impact I would be cautious.

I have my son on an amino complex type regimen.  it has arginine in it.  I will ask my doctor about this.  What he might say is that it is beneficial on short term use and suggest taking it for one year and then go off for a period of time and then start it again later.  He says that when we use supplements, they need to be rotated because they can  become non-beneficial or in some circumstances, you can overload your system and it is best to take "supplement holidays".  I will have him review the article and see what he thinks.  We have had our son on this regimen now for probably a year, so after his current bottle, I will take him off to see if it makes any difference just for piece of mind.  I can say that we recently had our heart eval including ekg and echo and everything looked perfect and this was after he had been on the arginine for a year. hope this helps.  I will let you know.  thanks for posting, very interesting, and VERY helpful.


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