Gus is starting kindergarten next year and we just had his IEP meeting.  His preschool teachers and his pediatrician recommended that he have an aide for recess, PE, and any fieldtrips. The district said no, but we're not signing the IEP.


Did any of your sons have aide's in Kindergarten?  If not, how did they do?  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hi Tonya
I came across this when we were working on my boys IEP.
I had it written in to their IEP that Myself or my husband will go on all fieldtrips with them, we are also to be at field day with them. My son Craig is 7.5 and just finished 1st grade. He has an aide with him for PE and when their is something he can not do she will take him to do something of his choice with a few special friends. I also had written into the IEP that he is to have a aide with any writing meaning either the teacher, aide or another student is to write for them if their hands tire.
Hope this helps
Good Luck
My son is 14 and starting high school and I was told he would not be getting an aide. what did you have to write on the IEP in order to get an aid for your son? I am not sure how to word it so that he does get assistance.

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