Just read that a documentary was made of the Jett Ride a couple of years ago. It won an award. Does anyone know how or if I would be able to get a copy. I would love to see it, I met the group when they rode through Canton Ohio. They were a great group of kids. Anyone have any info?


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The Jeff foundation put all this together. You can ask Christine McSherry for details.


I've been on their web site and also the jetride website but I couldn't find info on if the documentary was available for purchase. If you could find out that would be great.


Julie Garcia said:

The Jeff foundation put all this together. You can ask Christine McSherry for details.

Hi Janine!

Thank you for meeting and greeting the JettRiders!!

Currently the film is making its way through the film festivals...yes, winning "Best Documentary" at Hollywood East Film Festival last week in Connecticut. We expect it will win additional awards throughout the long list of film festivals it has been entered in. The film was produced by fellow friend and father of an 11 year old boy with DMD, Wayne Keeley (The Wyatt Foundation). Wayne and his team did a fabulous job of condensing over 90 hours of footage that was taken during the ride to a 60 minute heart felt inspiring film. The JettRide portrays the difficulty of both the ride and the difficulties encountered by our boys every day.

The Wyatt Foundation and Jett Foundation are working on the film festival circuit, we will follow up with a schedule of film showings around the country by families wishing to participate...we would love to include you in this plan!!

You can view the trailer on www.jettride.org. A new site JettRide site is under construction and will be launched shortly.

Again...thank you so much for visiting with the teens...meeting families along the way was meaningful and inspiring to the JettRiders.

Any family wishing to participate in hosting a showing of the film in their community are encouraged to get in touch with me; Christine McSherry, jettfoundation@aol.com or Joanne Keeley, joie919@aol.com (The Wyatt Foundation) asap!! This is a great opportunity to teach your family, friends, community about a disorder that affects your family - it might inspire them to take action to help the cause. This has already been the case with several of my friends...the "ride" has inspired them to take action by taking a tribute JettRide (350 mile bike ride), participating in their first triathalon, even running in a marathon!! Use this film as an opportunity -- a vehicle to create awareness, to educate and perhaps for some funding towards Duchenne. Let me know what I can do to help...

Another note - The Wyatt Foundation has produced an incredible play, Waiting On The Sun. The play is another avenue for education, advocacy and funding for DMD. I would love to see families in the Connecticut (New England) area support the Keeley's by attending the show May 30th at the Candlewood Theatre in Danbury, CT. Jett Foundation will be attending with a large group of MA friends...PLEASE JOIN US!! If you would like to join JF friends for the ride down, let me know!! Also stay tuned - I am searching a venue in the Boston area to host the play!!

Hi Christine,
Did they capture any of the event or the boys that turned out for them in Michigan on the documentary? I'm dying to know! I'm so excited about it making the film circuit and getting an award. Are they planning any screenings in MI? Can't wait to see it!!!
Hi Karen!

Yes, the boys in Michigan are featured in the film...we would love to schedule a showing in your area as soon we finish with the film festival circuit -- community showings are part of the plan and I am thrilled that you want to be part of that campaign!!

Stay in touch Karen...great to hear from you!!!

Thanks Chrisitine!

You guys are doing some great things up there for this generation of sufferers. You've restored my HOPE tank which has been running on fumes lately.

We'll be waiting impatiently to see what the next 3 weeks bring.

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