James is 9. Hates his life. I want to tak him to new friends with Duchenne this summer. Any camps you like? We could travel. Anywhere, near or far. My family is east coast and we are west with Colorado in the middle. He's giving up, I think. Says his life is too hard. And it is.

I haven't seen him smile in a very long time. He's in his room and wants privacy always. We used to laugh and chat. So I thought a new place visiting and making new friends could help

Is your son in his room mostly? It's a cool room, I get why he wants to be in there with his droid, but not all day Saturday and Sunday.

Any suggestions or if your up for visitors let me know

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Does he go to MDA camp in Colorado? I hear it's awesome. Also get involved in adaptive adventures in Colorado. We were there a week or two a couple of summers ago and my son got to water ski and have a blast. They also snow ski in winter. I would look at camp promise in the east. Is he online? My son spends way too much time on Xbox but loves his "friends" because he is just like them online. I would also go to counseling and maybe a mild antidepressant. We do both. Good luck. I know it hurts!!!

My son Will is also 9 years old and has started feeling those same frustrations. I do my best to find fun activities for him out of the house and out of his room, but he has few friends. We live in the Boise, Idaho area. I have tried to find other boys with similar disabilities for him to connect with but with no success. I am hoping that MDA Summer camp this year  will help.

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