Is Short Attention Span Part of DMD or Steroids Side Effect?

I would like to know if short attention span is a part of Duchenne or caused by Steroids?
My son is on 30 mg Deflazacort and he does not pay attention in the classroom.
Can this be managed,please advise me.

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Hi there,

I"m not sure about steroids and short attention span but I thought I'd share this with you just in case.

My son is almost 13 and has Duchenne. Last year we discovered that he has epilepsy. The seizures are easy to miss, he would appear to just be spacing out for a few seconds.In many cases, it appears as if they're just not paying attention. I had him tested, I only suspected this because of a Duchenne friend who had just gone through this. These seizures are called Abcense Seizures or Petit Mal Seizures. 

Here's an article that relates sizures to Duchenne.

You can also see example of what these seizures look like on you tube.

He's been on the drug  Ethosuximide with great results and no side effects. This type of epilepsy usually disappears after puberty. 

I hope seizures are not the case with your son, but I felt the need to let you know of this possibility.

All the best to you,

Cathy Jones

Moein - While not every person with Duchenne has attention deficits and not every person with Duchenne has behavior issues with steroids, many people living with Duchenne have issues with attention.  These issues of attention deficit can be exacerbated by the behavior issues that many have with steroids.   if your son is having attention issues, those need to be addressed.  The cause of the attention and the behaviors really doesn't matter, unless the issues are SO bad that stopping the steroids is being considered.  Attention deficits and behaviors can be addressed in a number of ways (behavior modification, medications, etc.); i would recommend seeing a developmental pediatric specialist in your area.  If your son is taking prednisone, you may want to consider changing to deflazacort.  Many parents have seen a noticable difference just with changing the type of steroid.  I hope this helps~

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