Recently I was given prescription for bathroom modification's  and shower chair by my doctor for my son.on contacting insurance company they denied to cover for it , instead suggested me to write for pre determination approval to the company. Have any one you had to face such problems and how did you finally manage to get a solution.I am very much frustrated that the insurance .companies can deny what is really a medical necessity for our sons.I would appreciate any suggestion.We dont not have any other insurance for my son.

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I don't know about the insurance paying for it, but I do know that if you doc gives you a script, you can deduct it from your taxes as a medical expense. I know that is not as much help as insurance paying for it, but it may help a bit....
i was not able to get insurance to pay for either. does your state have a dept for independant living? we have the vermont dept for independant living which paid 10 thousand for home modifications, accessible entrance and bathroom when austin became wheelchair dependant
I am a PTA and often bill medicare. We often say "Medicare does not go to the bathroom, nor do most insurance co's" We reley on donations and family,or church help.
WHat kind of modifications? We got Medicaid to pay for a shower chair(you HAVE to say its a toilet chair) and we got rails that go around the toilet. Other than that. They wouldnt pay for anything else.

Hi ,We have been denied by the SSI yesterday as our income exceeds their bracket range.I have to now try Medicaid.I hope I have some help there.I need the shower chair and the railings in the bathroom. Samantha please tell me what is the procedure for getting Medicaid help.

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