We just learned tonight that if you can get critical health insurance through Sun Life/Clarica before your child is diagnosed, your child can be covered. If anyone can do it when their child is young enough... do it! NOW! Please pass this on to anyone you can and who it may help. Right now we are fighting to get it even though Joshua has been diagnosed. There can be a clause put in there that so long as what makes them sick has nothing to do with MD, they can still be covered.


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And here is another key thing to remember:

If you are changing insurances from work and/or from medicaid to insurance or insurance to medicaid/mediare, you can get a PRE-EXISTING WAIVER form the current insruance and give it to the new insurance. This does prevent pre-existing conditions with the new insurance. YOU need to request it for each family member when changing over to the new insurance. You need to do this before you change over but you are aware of the change. They will fax/mail it to you and keep copies for your records.

Make sure you include a copy with the application and mail/fax it to them after submission of the application. Make sure they have it on file and they accept it. they are suppose to but some insurance companies act 'stupid" about it.
See, the problem with our issue is that in Manitoba every boy born since1999 has been tested at birth for Duchenne. The results come in by 6 weeks of age; we apply the day of birth; the insurance papers don't go through until 8 weeks. We are therefore denied. My sister tried getting it for Joshua when she was living in Alberta and he was denied through her as well. It's great to know early on, but had we been in any other province, he would have life and/or critical illness insurance.


After receiving letters from the specialist about him being considered "normal" and the only physical sign of Duchenne being his calves, Joshua is now being considered for limited coverage.  I don't know all the specifics regarding limited, but the fact that he is being considered rather than an automatic denied stamped to his folder is big in the Duchenne world.


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