Xavier was diagnosed with Influenza B today. It was a strain that was not in this years flu shot, so it didn't matter that we did the shot anyways. Tamiflu doesn't cover this strain so he is on Relenza. Luckily his lungs are clear so far. By the time I called the school nurse at 2pm today (we picked him up from school at 11:45am and his fever went from 97 to 100 in a 10 minute span) she told me that she sent 2 more kids from his class home with temps of 102 and 103 so we know it came from school. Has anyone else been through this with a 7 year old (or around that age)? Luckily our pediatrician is very familiar with DMD and gave us a good list of what to look for, but as a nervous mom I trust my PPMD family for advice also. My husband and I did have our doctor call in some Relenza for us to be safe and so far our daughter is fine, we just have to keep the kids separated. Thanks in advance and watch out...March is a dangerous month for the flu apparently!

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The docs here in Denver has Rx'd Cough Assist Machines for at least the older boys. My son is just getting over the flu and I believe it kept him from getting pneumonia again. It is easy to use.


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