My son is 7yrs old ,we find out about him having DMD in august 08,after our visit with the neurologist visit I refused to give him steroids because the many side effects,now after the first meeting with ppmdnj many parents had convected me of the steroids use,now I'm looking forward to use DEFLAZACORT,I need help how to provide him this product since it's not approved in the US,I willing to go to canada if some one can get information of a doctor that you think I'll get help from,also explain to me please how I'll get the refiels for the futur after the first visit.

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thank you for starting such an important thread. The importance of steroid use can not be underestimated in our opinion and too many people are quick to point out the side effects and not mention the great benefit they can have.
I would not get to hung up on whether you use predisilone or defalasacort as there is no clear evidience that one is better than the other.
They may have slightly different profile of side effects but that is all as far as i can see.
This is just my opinion but we use predisilone and have seen a big difference and not had many problems.
Most of us get it from Masters Marketing in the UK:
They only ship to the US. They need a perscription. They are really fast and know the customs laws and I have never had it held up.
Good Luck.

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