Hi everybody!
I want to give my in may four years old boy idebenone!
I order it from HBC. 180 Tabletts 50 mg
At the moment the idebenone catena trial Sounds very good,is the product from HBC really the same?idebenone is idebenone?!?
How much get your childs?
Max is in may Four and about 20 or 21 kg
Thank you all for an answer

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Hi Nadja, I read this post, we are thinking to order from this supplier but I wanted to hear your expirience or anyone else whose child using idebenone of hbc product.

Thanks in advance.


Hi dalibor,i give my son idebenone from kirkmann i think since may 2014.in the First time i thought it was working really good but i can not really say that it is so....he is doing very well but i dont know is it because idebenone or the other things he get....perhaps it is the Same when he doesnt get anything....i Hope you understand what i mean
I Hope your son is Doing fine!
Best wishes

Hi Nadja, In the clinical trial of Idebenone done by Catena they gave up to 1000mg to children of 10 years and more. Higher dose was tolerated well by the children. I give my 9 year son 600mg. Can't say if any improvement is seen, but Idebenone remains the only supplement that is close to getting approved.

Dear Nadja,

I would like to give my 4 yr old Idebenone ( Raxona/Catena)

But doctors in Holland are not familiar with Idebenone yet.

Could u tell me about your results, the doses that has been sucsribed and if u do not mind I would also love to know a name of a docter that subscribes Idebenone to such a young child. 

Thank u so much and whiting you all the luck in the world with your boy.

Warm Regards,


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