The MDA clinic doctor suggested that I start giving my 2 year old son Idebenone and Juven. I did not want to start him on too much at one time so I chose to use the Idebenone first. However, son hates it! He calls it "garbage" It is very hard to dissolve in anything. Does anyone else use Idebenone and if so how do you get your son to take it? Thanks

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My son prefers the orange flavor. I mix with water and a little orange juice, but i shake it first then pour into a cup. Then he stirs it up if it settles before he gets it all guzzled down. Good Luck!
The Idebenone is a strong coQ10 and Juven is a muscle builder and strengthener so to speak, so taking them both together probably isn't dangerous. The coQ10, being an antioxidant, will only rid your body of what it doesn't need. What Juven provides is needed. Many have mixed the Idebenone into yogurt as well. It changes the texture as well. Good luck

where do you by idebenone from? what brand?
The MDA clinic suggested that I order it at I didn't realize there were other flavors. They only had one. It is a yellowish orangish color and is really gritty.
Sorry for confusion - It's the juven that we buy the orange flavor. I thought Idebenone was only pills.
How does Juven Work???
and What effects have you noticed from your sons that take it???
I'm glad to read someone from a MDA clinic is recommending Idebenone, and for a 2 year old at that- wow! Kudos to them.

My 8 year-old son has been taking Idebenone for almost a year now. He takes 2 capsules a day ( 150mg twice a day). He can swallow pills/capsules. Capsules are easier to swallow vs. pills. Have you tried to give it to him whole in applesauce? It might make it easier for him to swallow it this way.

I buy his from Smart nutrition. There is another Idebenone thread on here somewhere if you want more information on it. We don't use Juven. I'm sure it's helpful but I worried about our son getting too aggressive on it while taking steroids.
Susana Arroyo said:
How does Juven Work???
and What effects have you noticed from your sons that take it???

Hi Susana,
Juven has L-Arganine, glutamine, both amino acids needed for muscle health and recovery and methyl B-12, which is good for liver function. The liver helps to flush us out. All good stuff. B-12 is very hard to absorb. Thanks for the dosage Tina.

Just wondering, how many folks have had doctors recommend Idebenone? Also, did you completely stop COQ10 when you started it, since it is a synthetic stronger "COQ10"? I'm looking at this powder from bulknutrition, I could add it to what Kelvin already takes as powder, his arginine, glutamine and creatine. Also, does anyone know if Idebenone is safe in any dosage, like COQ10 has been determined? Thanks, Michelle

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