Well, it didn't go as I hoped.

I have a friend that runs, and he is running in the Waddell and Reed Kansas City Marathon. I talked to him and he started a fund raising page on the "Run for Our Sons" site. I have another friend that runs and he promised to help me if I wanted to run. I have been hesitant to do it, because I have a bad knee that I had operated on about 10 years ago.

What the heck, I read up on shoes, went to the running shoe store and bought the top of the line, ie Runners World Editors Pick, shoes and started running.

Things were going well. My knee didn't hurt and I was starting to add a fair amount of distance with every run.

Two weeks ago Saturday I was running and I felt the "Pop and Pain". I was done. I went to the Dr. on Monday with swelling and fever in the knee. I had an MRI last Wednesday and saw the Orthopedic doc on Friday. I have swelling and a cyst in my knee and was advised not to run for distances or do any sports that required twisting, and fast start-stop motions on hard surfaces.

I have taken anti-inflammatory meds and iced it for two weeks now, and it is feeling better.

It doesn't look like anything serious, but my body is not cut out for it. It's a shame, I was starting to enjoy it. I would get up early, run, then it seems like my day went great. I had lot's of energy for the rest of the day.

Oh well, I have nice shoes.

Quinten's Dad

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I am so sorry! At least you are willing to try!!! I can't even work up the energy for that!! I hope the knee heals soon.

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