I am having a tough time dealing with my sons broken femur

 I have not been on this website for awhile know, My son Hunter who has Duchenne fell last week and broke his femur. Its sad one second he is walking and enjoying life the next he is bed ridden for months. All he was trying to do was get up in midle the night and go pee. My wife and I blame ourselves for this because we make him wear his leg braces 24 hours a day. We had that none slip rubber stuff on his braces for the longet time until it started to peel off we also have hardwood floors. Hunter normaly slips his shoes on to go to the bathroom but this time he decided not two and then bam he slips and falls and shaters his femur.  I and my wife feel horible and blame ourselves for this. Does anybody else have this sort of thing happen and if so what are Hunter chances of being able to walk again he still one good leg and the other will heal they ended up putting pins in it.


Any advice would be Appreciated


Shawn Blais 

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He will come back!! We just had our son Tanner come off a bus in Disney that was way to high and he broke his ankle. He has walked as if he has the cast still on for weeks. Then he started limping and now after 3 months he just finally started to walk better. I blamed myself for a while but it isn't right. I know I am a good parent and so are you. Accidents happen and your son will come back stronger you'll see. Keep me posted ,I thought he would never be back to himself and now he is almost there. Keep the faith!! Dana
Thank you for your words of incouragement

Hi Shawn,
Can I ask why your son is bed ridden?

My son was 8 when he broke his femur (by tripping over a Nintendo controller on the floor) and he had surgery to put pins in his leg. The next day, he was immediately out of bed and at least standing on his leg. He went to outpatient therapy for about 3 weeks daily where he learned to use a walker to put weight on his leg and try to walk again. Unfortunately, after about 2 months of trying he was not able to walk independently anymore. I remember being in the hospital so upset because I knew this was the end of walking, but yet doctors and nurses couldn’t understand why I was so upset because he only broke his leg. They kept telling me it was no big deal because the leg would get better.

Anyway, my son ended up being in a wheelchair full-time, but to our surprise he was relieved and happy about it. After so much hardship and stress in trying to walk again, he was relieved when we ordered his first power wheelchair and thought it was really cool. He was able to be independent again and keep up with his friends.

Along with this, we had to buy a handicap van and luckily we did a major modification of our house a year before. It would have been more tramatic if we did not have our house done before this happened.

Anyway, I just wanted you know our experience with this. Your son is younger than our son was when he broke his leg, so with some hard work he should be able to regain some walking again. If you have any questions, feel free to get back to me.
My son Rowen just broke his femur yesterday. Tipped over in his wheelchair and broke bones in his feet as well. he has to deal with so much now this on top of everything. The triage nurse asked us why his head and face were so big right in front of him! He is in a lot of pain just wearing an immobilizer on his leg. The doctors don't know if he should have surgery to put a nail in the bone or just leave it to heal. Please share some of your experiences with your sons. Did they have surgery or not. he is 13 and in his chair permanently

keep him active. This whole thing is completely exhausting ,but, make a conserted effort to do more than before.

go on walks (pushing him).. go to the park.. go to see a show...get out of the house...have movie night.    Make this leg thing an opportunity for the whole family.   No excuses!  Then maybe he won't fall subject to weight gain and the rest of the crap that comes with this disease and depression. 

My son Jonah broke his leg last July and we lost him from a blood clot. I have another son with DMD also and now try to make every day special. Because in the end all anybody has (DMD or not) is today.

Good Luck....Bob (Jonah and Carter's Dad Forever)

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