To all you wonderful PPMD parents who attended the conference,

Darius has asked me to send you all a note of thanks for the amazing reception he received on Saturday night at the PPMD Conference in Atlanta. He and Logan felt extremely honored to be given a "Change It Champion" award from an organization that is near and dear to our hearts. Darius was especially touched by the incredible warmth and support bestowed upon him at the awards ceremony. He said to tell you he meant every word of his acceptance speech: despite that he can't travel as much as he has in the past, he plans to continue fighting hard for a cure.

The DGW crew sends their thanks as well. We hope you all enjoy the film and will use it to continue our collective efforts to raise awareness of DMD, as well as funds for a cure.

Know about it!

Barbara Smalley
(on behalf of Darius, Logan, and the DGW crew)

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i would have loved to have been there for this. I am sure it was very touching!!!
I think all of us parents owe you a huge thank you - you have shown us that with courage and determination anything can be achieved. You had a great adventure - you shared it with very good friends and you gave us all the understanding that life needs to be lived as it comes. Thank you!!!!
Kelly Provenzano
I was deeply touched by Darius and Logan's words at the PPMD conference and it was truly a honor to meet both these young men. I have intentionally not watched the video b/c I thought it would be too emotional. Well, after meeting these guys there was no way I couln't watch the video and that's just what I did today. AMAZING!!! I laughed and cried and wished I could hug Dariuss, Logan and all the DGW crew for making this fantastic film and sharing their trip with us. Instead I will buy another dvd and encourage all my friends and family to do the same. Thank you to each one of these talented young guys for all they are doing to End Duchenne. And to Darius Mom thank you for sharing your amazing son with so many of us.
I have to admit that I was afraid to watch the video but after meeting Darius Saturday night he gave me the courage to do so. It was so touching. I laughed and cried. What an amazing group of boys to raise awareness. I can't wait to share the DVD with family and friends. Thanks so much!

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