Hi,  Our school community has been blessed by the contributions of parent organizations and grant writing and the school itself and this past fall opened up a "wellness" track around our high school football field.  This isn't a true track pursay but is a beautiful area for students, families, and the community to get out there and get fit.  Our recently retired superintendent just called me and said she wants to do a community awareness event at the track.  She wants to make sure the community is aware of the track and it's availability to them to get to and to get active.  Second, and most important, she wants to use this opportunity to do a fundraiser for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (with the hopes of it being an annual event at the track).  We are a small community of about 1,200 citizens.  We have 3 boys in our community with DMD (one in his early 20s, my son (8), and another boy who I believe is 9.).  That statistic alone is heart breaking.  Can anyone who has started their own 5k's (or other) give me some advise on how to set this up - how to get PPMD involved so that the proceeds can go to them.  We are thinking April or May, so we do have alittle time - BUT, I know this will be here before I know it.  Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Hi Donna,

My wife and I started one in our home town and will be holding our third one in May.  We raise money for Jesse's Journey (they purely fund research).  They just happened to be the first charity we came in contact with after our boys were diagnosed.  I'm a huge fan of PPMD and support them completely.   Since Weyburn is about 10,000 people, I can kind of associate with the small town thing.

The first thing we did was pick a location and a date and get the space reserved.  Jesse's Journey helped out with some of the forms and the like, as I'm sure PPMD will do.  We went with the school our oldest attends (and our youngest will in a couple years).  They provided it free as it was for a registered charity.

I spoke to the city about any insurance or other requirements they might have.  They told me to talk to the chief of police. I spoke with him, and all he asked for was a letter with a map of our route for the walk/run, and the date and time.  We'll have a new chief next year, so I'll try and meet with him to make sure we can do the same thing.

People sometimes wanted to write cheques to us directly, or give cash, so we set up a separate bank account for all the money.  We got some trusted volunteers to handle registration, which included a liability waiver for any injuries during the event.  We had some family help with some signs for our route.  There's no track handy where we hold ours, so we wanted to make sure people knew the route.

Aside from that, it was mostly putting up a bunch of flyers around town.  Most local businesses were happy to let us put up a flyer in their store, and a couple local websites helped out.  Unfortunately the papers in town have only done stores AFTER the event, whereas we'd like one before to help with publicity.  Try and make pledge forms available at a few local businesses as well as online if you can.

We got a few local businesses to donate some water and snacks... we've found fruit and the like work well.  Other than that, they've gone pretty smooth and we've been very happy with the results.  If there's anything you want to ask, please let me know, and if I think of anything else to mention, I'll let you know. 

Hi there!

I know that we spoke already, but here is the link to the How to organize a 5K packet.  It is very helpful for getting things in order. It has a timeline to let you know what needs to be taken care of first.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Talk to you soon!

What a great idea!

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