Hi there, I thought I would add this for discussion.......When was your son diagnoised? How soon did you begin him in Physical/Ocupational therapy? How often do they get therapy? and where??? I thought this might be helpful to more than one parent to share your story.


My son was diagnoised in june and we began OT/Speech/PT a few short weeks after, he goes once a week, he also starts aquatic therapy hopefully next week. My son is almost 4 years old...



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Sam was diagnosed in June 2005 just before his 3rd birthday. He was already receiving ST at this time. When he started at the public preschool in the fall, they also included OT and PT. The PT at this point was stretching, which we also did at home, some balancing and just letting him play. He's continued to receive ST and OT through the school. His PT consists of stretching daily at home and seeing a PT every 3 months for monitoring of progression. I would love to have him in aquatic therapy, but, even with insurance, we can't afford it.
Jon is 19 and was diagnosed 10 years ago. Our experience has been that he gets approved for a specified number of sessions where the PT evaluates him and comes up with a plan, teaches it to him and us and then we're on our own. He does get evaluated 2x a year at the rehab clinic he goes to and things will be tweaked if necessary. He also is evaluated 2x a year by the PT and OT at the California Children's Services Medical Therapy Unit he goes to.

Diagnosed 3 years ago at age 8. Saw P/T immediately. Went weekly for 12 visits to start and learn stretching. Have been doing it daily at home since. See a P/T in their office 4 times a year.

If your insurance covers weekly P/T for life and aquatic therapy - you have awesome coverage.

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