I know the answer to this question may vary but I'm wondering what to expect when we have to buy a power wheel chair for Bradley. I told someone we were probably looking at $10,000 minimum along with the expense of a wheel chair accessible vehicle. I know the MDA will provide $2000 every 5 years and then we do have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance (PPO).

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Well hopefully things will turn out good when the times comes. We usually always meet the deductible which is $1000. Our out of pocket max is $1500 per person.

Anneliese Villegas said:
We have BCBS and we haven't paid more than maybe $500 for my son's wheelchair. He's in his second power chair now and is 17. It cost well over 23,000 but I don't know off the top of my head how much. I suggest you order new chairs near the end of the year when you will have likely met a good portion, if not all, of your insurances deductible/out of pocket expenses. Get a cost estimate from your provider too. That way, if needed, they may be able to roll some of the costs, if not covered in one year, into the next year. We've not had to do that. I usually place medical equipment orders in October and so fat that has worked for us. By then we've met the out-of-pocket and it's covered at the highest rate and MDA's measly bit has covered the rest.

Jonathan got his power chair Friday and it was $16,500 - our insurance paid the whole thing. The problem is now we have some things that need to be changed, I don't know how that is going to go. He got the Quantum Q600.

Hi Lisa,
We got Austin's chair almost a yr ago. It cost about $35,000. They are not cheap, and I got lucky and my Insurance covered it. I'm not sure how others do it... I wasnt sure how I was going to do it til i found out ins was going to pay...

Good luck

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