How can parents help ppmd get a chunk of this research money?

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If you can't read article it describes funding in the 100s of millions of dollars for 'personalized medicine' In the US. Seems to have bipartisan support (GASP!)
All the exon skipping would qualify I would think!

It would be great if some of the 'personalized medicine' dollars went to DMD.

Much of the personalized medicine money does go to DMD however there is more than one type of DMD and there is no possibility for there to be a one-size-fits-all medicine, it is simply not in the capacity of modern medical science to do so at this point. It should have bipartisan support because no case of DMD should be treated the same as any other case of DMD.


There are actually some treatments being developed that could help all kids with DMD, like myostatin inhibitors and utrophin up-regulators that should help all kids with DMD regardless the specific mutation they have.

When politicians announce something like this they often have the $$ but only short list of projects to fund. By the time it gets to congress, the more tangible projects the better. So, we need to act fast to convince congress that DMD treatments should be included, even though we already know not all DMD treatments would qualify.
Oh, I understand, thanks for clarifying.

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