So we started high school last week. Everything seems to be going well however, the problem we are having at the moment is where to put a backpack. My son just got a power chair over the summer and all the backpacks etc are made to hang on the back of the chair. My son still has complete strength in his upper body and wants to be independent by being able to access all of his books himself. I have put an executive bag that has a flap over the front on the side of his chair but its kind of bulky and I have been experimenting with different velcro and straps to attach it to the arm..It's working but was wondering if anyone else had a better idea?
We ordered a lap tray for his chair to use at school but as soon as I put it on his chair he said, 'I feel like I am sitting in a high chair that I have to carry around all day"...good point! he didn't want special desks like they offered so he is using a computer lap tray from office max that I stuck on the other side with velcro he can take off when he needs it.
This all seems crazy but thats how he wants it. it just seems that there should be a better way!

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Hi Lisa,
I will share a few of our son Jacob's HS experience. He is now in 12th grade. He has a set of books at school, ie one in each classroom and a set at home. He has a great permobile powerchair but has chosen to use his scooter at school which has a round basket which holds his 5 subject notebook, pens, gum, etc. With his scooter he swivels the chair and sits at the side of the regular desks as he would not let us get him a different desk. I know the scooter is not as good for his back but he would not budge for school.

While we toured a college this spring we met with a student in a powerchair and she had a bungee (sp) cord infrount of her legs and had her backpack hooked on that, ie hooked onto her chair on each side of her legs.

Jacob is taking a online class and so this year we will most likely have his school books set up in the lib so if he has extra time he can work on his homework at his online spot in the library.

Good Luck,

I like that idea in front of the legs..they make under wheelchair cargo holds but not for power chairs..

He was in his scooter up until this year doing that very same thing. He wanted the power chair as it rises so he can walk with his friends at eye level and is much more comfortable..he has a set of books at home and the others are in each class. it's those binders and things..

Nothing is ever simple is it?

The questions you bring up are ones we visit every year. Erik is a senior this year. He doesn't use a backpack. Instead we found a side bag with one big opening for 2-3 subject spiral notebooks (binders are too bulky) and two small pockets where he keeps his calculator and spanish dictionary and Purell. On the other arm rest he has a small pouch for pens and little stuff. The side pack has 2 vecro straps that go over the arm rest and two straps that go around the arm rest supports to hold the bag close to the chair. We tried to replace this side pack and the one that arrived couldn't hold the spiral notebooks. I have been searching the net for another side pack because Erik too, likes to be independent. (He's never had an aid.) Good luck finding things that work.

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