Hi! I'm new to this, my son is almost 6 and I'm staying optimistic!

Hello everyone!

My little boy was finally diagnosed with dmd after a long wait for results, he has a point mutation which took over 6 months to detect!  It predicts dmd but I've heard different opinions.  It does not really matter now because i decided not to think about the future anymore as no one knows what it holds! not even the doctors! I am blessed with a child who has way too much energy and who has always got stronger, and can now run, climb, leap over things and walk for hours when he could just about walk before.  Instead of finding this encouraging, doctors just shrug their shoulders and say, well, he's doing ok right now.  I think his improvements are amazing and that's why i think it's important to focus on your child individual development. I have made the mistake of reading so many testimonies at the start that i just wanted to give up there and then, then i looked outside and saw Dylan running around and decided we'd just be happy with that!  And if it wasnt for damage to his spine/hip/knee during birth, he'd actually have no symptoms of dmd.  In my case, i wasnt told anything by the doctors, other than i'd have to think about adapting the house and give up my studies, and was given a leaflet on dmd and one on steroids (which i thrown in the stove).  They also had no idea about point mutation, or research, so I was pretty happy when I saw the amount of research and progress going on around the world.  It is easier for me to say this because dylan is so young and still in great form, but we have to remain confident that some form of treatment will be found in the near future.  I wasnt told anything about natural supplements but he  is now on Q10, Kiddies fish oils and glutamine.  We also do yoga at the w-e, which he finds very funny and his ankles are no longer tight and his calves are streamlined and softer.

Sorry for the long post, all I wanted to say was, I like to focus on now and not 5 years down the line (as much as I can anyway!) and hope that I can give some optimism to other parents and meet great people!

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Fantastic approach. Motivation for many. Nobody knows the future so why should we try to know that. Enjoy today, that's all.


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