Help! My 4 Year Old Going to Sleep Clinic Wednesday and I'm Clueless About What to Expect

Clueless and terrified and know I'm going to lose it.  Can anyone tell me what to expect.  My son James had his first visit to the pulmonary clinic last month and the doctor that saw him is sending us.  I'm really pissed that we richochet around from md clinic to cardiology clinic (first appt was in December) to pulmonary clinic and now sleep clinic and not a damn body sits us down and tells us what the hell to expect.  That's another question, is there a somebody or some service that prepares us for these appointments and whatever the hell tests they're going to do and why they're doing them.  I told my son we're going to the sleep doctor but I need to do better than that.  It's Stanford's sleep place we're going to, some hospital I've never heard of and we'll be there 7pm to 7am.  Has anyone been there or to any other sleep clinic.  What the hell ever is James going to do at 7 when he gets there.  He doesn't sleep until 9ish.  Should I bring books, toys, movies, a snack, juice....Please do tell and save my sanity.  Thanks. 

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Lots of deep breaths. James won't be able to do anything if he senses you are so distressed. So it is good that you ask this group.  Here are some  links to booklets that show what happens in a sleep study. Your particular hospital may vary the routine a little but not much. Ask if they have any materials like these or a video you can watch.


Nurses, techs, therapists, and librarians usually have a lot of information on these kinds of things and can point you to things you can read or watch. Don't be afraid to ask and ask again and ask again until you are comfortable.Sleep studies are a great source of critical information about your son's health. It is good that your medical team is on top of this. If your son needs to use sleep support at home, ask for information on how to get him to adjust to this. It is extremely important for his lung/heart health that you help him to do this every night at home if they tell you to do it.

Ask again if this is not what you needed to know or doesn't answer all of your questions.






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