Canine Assistants has denied my son Shane his service animal! We were awarded it in 2004 and sponsered by Purina and Randalls,So It has been paid for already. I decided Shane was too young at the time we were awarded the dog so Judy at Canine Assistant and I agreed that he would get it when he was 8. Well he is 10 now and Lindsay from Canine Assitants came to do a home visit which I thought was no big deal and not the deciding factor in getting the dog. I thought it was just a formality. Shane was having a bad day and did not want to deal with her: everyone here knows what im talking about by bad day he was just feeling sorry for himself a little and in kind of a funk that day (he just stopped being able to walk much about three months ago and has been getting down quite a bit). She got it in her head that he is NOT interested in the dog. We were also FOSTERING a pitt bull and I told that lady like 10 times it was temporary, in fact that dog is no longer with us. She also misunderstood something i said an totally misquoted me on some thing I did not say. Like I supposedly asked the dog be well trained to ride in the back of a truck and quoted as saying "my husband likes the look of dogs in the back and always ride them around" I DID NOT even say that!!!. I simply asked if it was ok if the dog ever rode in the back of our truck and she said no and I said ok that that then.(which is not even running)So anyway I need help with this. How do I resolve this matter. The reasons they denied him are wrong and my family was misunderstood (I will scan and post the denial letter later) In closing to the letter I was told that if we still wanted to persue a dog to seek other agencies not them for the service animal. I figured if some of yall cound help us and try to email canine assistants to show them we want the animal and have support that they might change therir minds and give my son a chance to show how badly he wants the dog. He has been crying for two day since we got the letter, I have called and left numerous messages with them but was told to be paitent and wait till they call me back . How can I do that my son is crushed. Does anyone have any ideas?? Do I need a lawyer??
Danielle and Shane
Here is the Canine Assistants Website:
Here is the recipient coordinaters email address and phone #
Judy Moore-Padgett, Recipient Services Coordinator
770-664-7178 ext. 203

Please help us by emailing them and supporting my son and his wish to get his service dog as a community!!!

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Please do not immediately jump on the lawyer idea. Canine Assistance is a very good organization without alot of money and it would really hurt what they do. Just because you had sponsors at the time doesnt necessarily mean your dog was "paid" for. If you decided to wait at that time then those sponsors usually sponsor another person for a dog and when you decide you want one, other sponsors are found. Lindsay was our trainer for the dog we have. We didnht have to have home visits when we received our dog. It sounds like alot of miscommuncation to me. I would keep trying to talk to them and get things straightened out instead of calling a layer so fast.

I am just asking that PPMD members might email canine assitants for my son , to help us show we have support. Shane really wants the dog and its unfair that Lindsay just assumed some things and misunderstood or did not listen to what I said and that is stopping my son from getting the service dog he deserves.
Danielle Anderson
Shane wants to say:
Please help me get my dog, I do want it and I was unhappy that day, I do want my dog so bad!!
Thank you
In the interim, while you are trying to work things out with them you may want to go ahead and apply to other organizations. It surely couldn't hurt. There is Canine Companions, Assistance Dogs of America, and others that I can't think of off the top of my head.


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