Hi. My 11 year old son has tightened heel cords with the right one being more than the left. As a result he is unable to balance while walking. It is as if his right foot is in high heels and the other one not. In spite of having fair amount of muscle strength, it is a shame that contractures are the reason for his using a wheelchair. Keeping in mind the risks of heel cord lenghthening surgery - that he may not walk at all if it doesnt work, we have put away this option.

Any suggestions or sharing of experience of any other ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated. I have heard that serial casting can help. Any thoughts on this, please. Thanks a ton. 

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My son is also 11 with contractures, right worse than left.  He can still walk but has difficulty getting off the floor, made worse by the fact that he can't get his foot flat unless his leg is at very wide angle.  We did serial casting when he was 8.  He got significant improvement in his range of motion.  Ultimately, though, since he continued to walk the same way, and HATES his AFOs, the contracture returned.  They said that since his muscle strength is good, the could cast again.  I am going to debate just casting the right in the spring.  We did a 2 week protocol the last time, and he tolerated it just fine.  He did both feet at once and walked around school, did normal activity.  He was stronger then, though, and I would worry  about casting both at once. 

Thank you for writing. That's very encouraging , Regina. I will seriously look at doing this for Aditya in Feb when he has 2 weeks of school hols.
Do you have any thoughts on giving Botox injections before casting? I've heard that this helps. but the downside is that it needs to be injected every 3 months as Botox loses effectiveness in 3 months. I'm trying to get a few opinions on this one..
Many thanks again, Regina.

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