I read in the newspaper today that Senator Max Baucus of Montana is proposing to require all Americans to buy health insurance. Here is a copy of the letter I sent him:

To Senator Baucus,

Please reconsider your proposal to force all Americans to buy health insurance. Please please please. Our rights to our own bodies are already limited enough. Please do not put the insurance industry in charge of my life!

Forced health insurance is political extortion of the sick and the handicapped. My family is grateful to have no insurance since insurers deny all claims based on our "pre-exising" condition, the handicapping genetic disorder Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. As you may know, there is no cure for Duchenne and standard allopathic medicine has very little to offer us. There are some promising alternative therapies including massage, herbal supplements, chiropractic and homeopathy -- all of which are expensive and none of which are covered by most insurance. We also use special devices like electric wheelchairs, power scooters, modified vans, etc.-- most of which are not covered by insurance. And insurance certainly doesn't cover the one major drug that has been shown to help boys with DMD the very most: Deflazacort, which the FDA still hasn't approved for reasons we cannot understand. Insurance won't pay for us to go to Canada and buy a drug we can't even legally admit that we use.

We spend our health care dollars on actual health care. We cannot afford to waste our money on "insurance" which denies us the devices and therapies we must buy no matter who pays.

You said "I believe very strongly that every American has a right to high quality health care ... and I believe Americans cannot wait any longer." I completely agree. We must retain the freedom to acquire our own high quality health *care*-- not waste our money on insurance which cannot or will not provide complete access to what we need.

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Good for you!
WOW! Beautifully put!!!!

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