Have scooter, looking at manual (Quickie 2) and have also advised to start process of power chair.

Does anyone's son out there (Kevin is 11 and still pretty strong, despite not walking around anymore) use a scooter and supplement with manual chair for posture?  We are in the process of having Quikie 2 ordered for him to use at home to just propel himself around our den.  Now the docs in Cinncy have suggested we start the process for getting power chair.  The PT at Columbia Presbyterian where we also see docs has said, get the Quickie and it will be a backup for the power.  Once he has the Quickie we can sart process for power.  She says once she writes letter of necessity for power stating a change in staus of his condition (can't propel himself anymore by hand) we won't have any denials because of getting the Quickie.  Note:  we paid private for the scooter in prep for putting in claims for power chairs.


This is all so new with the wheelchair and he really loves his scooter and doesn't feel funny scooting around in it.  He also has a transport chair with small wheels for quick trips so he doesn't mind getting the manual.  The power is a big step for a boy who was walking around not too long ago?


any suggestions.  need them.  I know, get it in writring from insurance that he can get the power after the manual without waiting three years or so.




Patti Frank

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get power. thats my suggestion. he will love it once he has it
He loves his scooter too. Not sure how he will feel about a big ole power chair. It's a big step at 11.
We are in the process of ordering power wheelchair. Jacob has manual now and I was opposite to get power until I saw him riding it (on fitting clinic apointment) . Jacob's face said just one thing.- INDEPENDENCE.and HAPPINES. No KAFO,s no struggling . His life is too short and would be too short for asking him to strugle for one or 2 months longer .I do not see point anymore. HAPPINES is the only one recopie to survive. There is theory behind our minds to not get power wheelchairs b/c the spine, scoliosis, ability of walking, ( I think struggling not walking) We put our kids in KAFO's and we cost them depression. ---------------------------Make them happy. Their lives are short. They deserve anything to make them happy until they still can smile.Also is their safty. Then everything comes at once. trobuble with breathing , feeding, upper body movement, toileting problems , they don't walk anyway on that stage.There is no point to make them to be dependable only on our help for so long time. Is not good when they self propeling in manuals for longer distances . My son never was on steroids and still managed to walk to upper medical books limits. It safe him a lot of stress and complications from side effeckts and doctor apointments. . School told us that they are suprised how happy he is and still dealing with all that he has on his plate. And for me .Only this counts.I am not counting days , I never did. I count smiles.
Our son was 11-1/2 years old when he got his first power chair and it made a big difference in him! He was so excited about being more independent that he even offered to set the table and do other chores that he couldn't help with when using his manual chair (although the novelty of that wore off quickly!) It was the best thing we could have done for him!

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