Since free radicals play a role in the pathophysiology of muscular dystrophy ( see for example:

The role of free radicals in the pathophysiology of muscular dystrophy

James G. Tidball1,2 and Michelle Wehling-Henricks at, it would be interesting to see what happens after earthing patients as this is said to neutralise the free radicals.  Earthing or grounding has been under investigation for over 10 years now (see Earthing by Ober, Sinatra & Zucker at  The earth has an abundance of free electrons which control the positively charged free radicals in the body.  Athletes often use earthing as a means of recovering quicker from injuries.  Earthing is perfectly safe as it is like going barefoot and connecting with the earth below.  There are simple inexpensive devices that help to earth an individual whilst indoors, such an earthing sheet, pad or wrist band.

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