Hello everyone,

It has been strongly recommended that we have both of our sons ( age 6 and 9) receive the H1N1 shots. This is obviously a bit scary, and we have been very much on the fence about this issue.
Just wondering if anyone else has gone down this road yet, and whether there have been any actual issues or complications resulting from the vaccine.
Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Hi Jeffrey,

I understand, for the most part, the vaccine isn't going to cause any problems for kids with DMD. There are always exceptions. We are getting the shot for our son this week and the rest of the family will have to wait for more supplies to arrive. I dont think it's anything to worry about. Frankly, I was more concerned about the waiting in line 3-5 hours to get the shot. So I called our county govt health agencies (they got the vaccine before private docs in my area) to arrange a special appointment so our son won't be exposed to the mass population for this process.

So much to worry about with dmd !
I just got my son his shot on Saturday and seems to be fine...Now they are saying that kids under 9 need 2 shots so he will have to get another one. It was a very scary decision, but it was best that he get it. We had to wait at the clinic for 3 hours on saturday.
I am going to get my son, Alex vaccinated next week. My doctor's office doesn't have it yet, but should soon. I just got a message from them that Alex will be in the "top high risk" kids to get it first. I am a little nervous, but I am more nervous about him getting h1n1 virus.
I got mine today! so far so good! ;)
my 2 boys got theirs today, they were only doing high risk kids so i will have to wait to get mine. they did get the regular flu shot a few weeks ago.
My son recently received both the flu and the H1N1. About 4 days before he received the H1N!, the first case was
reported in his school. I believe it could have been one of the kids in his class that he sits on the bus with. My son
did not have any symptoms. I talked to the childs parent this weekend at a birthday party and she was telling me the time line of her sons symptons and they were about 4 days before my son received his shot...I can't believe my son didn't get it. There were 9 kids out one day.....no reaction to H1N1....

My 4 year old son Tanner got his h1n1 vaccine last Thursday. Our health department had a special clinic for high risk children and adults and we were able to set up an appointment. He was in and out in about 30 minutes. So far so good and no adverse reactions. He goes back in in about 3 weeks for his second dose. My older 2 girls are supposed to be getting theirs this week.

Our 18 yo son Jacob who has been on deflazacort since age 7 receive the H1N1 shot with no problems. Note boys on deflazacort need the shot not the nasal mist as the mist is a live virus. As an RN and PHN for the past 27 yrs I would be much more afraid of my son getting the virus than the vaccine. Infact we vaccinate our entire household to keep the flu out of the house to help protect Jacob. Cheri
My 3 year old son who is taking deflazacort got his H1N1 vaccine over 2 weeks ago and had no reaction at all. We also had my 4 year old daughter vaccinated at the same time and things have been fine.
My son got his shot on saturday and now he has the swine flu...Dr gave him tamilfu, anyonelse had to take this
all three of my boys ages 7 and 10 ( with dmd on steroids) and age two had the shot, no issues so far! as a side note, does everyone know about the numbing cream you can get by rx to put on injection site an hour before the shot? it has made shots a lot less stressful in our home! they dont even feel it.
Anyone using zinc or Zycam as an alternative to multiple inoculations? If so, how is it working? Ewan's brother had some kind of flu (I guess they don't actually test to see what kind in most areas now), but Ewan has been taking zinc and has not had so much as a sniffle.

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