My Son Brandon will be starting 6th grade this year.  Every year as the School year approaches I feel a sense of dread, anxiety, fearfulness.  He has been at the best Elementary School since he started School, he loves School and has the best Para Pro.  She has been with him since he started School and has made the decision, and is able to follow Brandon all the way through School.  We have never had any problems with our School district and have been very grateful for everyone at his Elementary School.  Even with all of this, right about this time of the year I begin to feel so many feelings that I can usually keep in check or experience for a day or so and then move ahead.  On top of this Brandon is one of the kids that was droppped from the Ataluren trial in March. 


But now he is going into 6th grade, Middle School :(  The challenges are so much greater there as far as his classrooms, lunchroom, being farther apart, etc.  We met with the people we will be working with at Brandon's IEP at the end of the School Year in May and everyone seems really great.  I have even spoken with his new Principal and he seems right on the ball to help us in anyway he can to make sure Brandon has a successful year.  But yet I feel all those old feelings creeping back in as I am starting to receive all the back to School  notices.  The one good thing is Brandon loves School and can not wait to start back.  Does anyone else feel this way?  any advice to help eliviate some of these feelings that I am having.


Thank you


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You could be writing my story, as i read this it all sounds so familiar. My son is going into 7th grade but here that is the first year of Middle school too so i as well have the same concerns, we have meet with everyone in May and his Para will be following him too but i am feeling anxious too! Ryan is my 4th child to go into middleschool and i have to admit i felt this way with all my kids. Middle school is a new world. I am relieved though to know that he will have his same Para that he has had since 2nd grade so at least that will be familiar for him . My son ,unlike yours ,does not like school and is not looking forward to this change. In fact today he wanted to drive past his old elementary school just to look at it. My advice to you and to myself is just to stay in close contact with the teachers/principle of the school and don't hesitate to talk with them if there is a problem. I am thankful that he wil have his Para there to keep an eye on him :)
I cant believe but God has done it again Im sitting here so worried about my son starting 4th grade he is not the boy that left school in June as you know each dat get a little closter to the day that his chair will go everywhere with him he cab still walks but the falling is about ten times at recess and to make it worse his best frieng moved two weeks ago. I was promised a Iep before school but called saying sorry but we dont have time iin sept we will. I told them we expecting a meeting next week we called and set it up for wed the 25th. They see Caleb as normal cause he still walks and he very bright reading at 6th grade and way above in math he he cant write so you read it any more. to top that off he has no sight in right and is left handed.I want to cry but I know that would only make my head hurt Caleb is adopted and had dental work yesterday and the Dr didnot want to put him to sleep cause he did not have a heart check I was so i pressed with her. during all of this he laid his head on my lap and looked up and Mom if you were not my mom my heart would be not be complete. I just hope that school will work out I really want to cry but it would not help anything or any one.So I pray that school will be good well I just received a call they put him in a combo 3 and 4th grade. ok now what? thank yo for listing and I know you all understand.hope for little guy does will. Penny Hauer I just joined and have received no mail I dont know what Im doing wrong
I have a 10th grader and a 7th grader this year both with DMD..My 7th grader just started jr. high. The best way to alleviate all your stress is to start one day at a time. We started a week or so ago. my 7th graders schedule was messed up, his locker was hard for him, wasn't sure if he would want to do regular PE etc. etc...So naturally, I was full of anxiety but like you my kids have been in these schools from the beginning..we approached the day as knowing and understanding that there were and are many people there to help..Its just one day, then the next day and the day after that and suddenly everything is in place..Remember, everyone starting middle school and jr. high is nervous.

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