Getting the school district to cover services before kindergarten

My son currently receives PT twice a month through Texas' Early Childhood Intervention program. Since those services end when a child turns three, I'm having Max evaluated for school services on Wednesday. I would like PT and he may receive speech therapy depending on what the therapist finds at his eval.


In order to receive services, Max must, "demonstrate an educational need for specially designed services in order to access their age-appropriate school environment." I know I can show that educational need when Max starts kindergarten, but I'm not so confident in my ability to show that now, two years before kindergarten.


Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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The therapists are generally good at knowing the implications of this situation or that. ASK them to consider stating those implications in their reports. He may be eligible for special pre-school programs the District should have due to Child Find. Check this list for Texas and start with most likely agency until you get to the end of the education related agencies. Someone should have an answer.




Most states have a 3-5 year old program that includes preschool.  My son participated in it and received OT and PT services.  When he turned 4 we placed him in a private preschool and he still received services through the public school system because he would probably reenter at some time.  The educational rational is maintaining function to get around the school, participate in PE and recess.  Best wishes.  The PT who will be doing the assessment knows your local system so don't be afraid to ask..."what's next?"

Sorry, I just noticed this post. My son was evaluated last summer before he turned 3. He scored above average in everything (including speech) EXCEPT of course gross motor skill development (-1.5 standard deviation below average). He is running slower than peers, still uses hands (1/2 Gower) to push himself off floor, doesn't jump, can go up or down stairs only using handrail. So it was no problem to qualify for PT. As long as your son scores significantly lower than peers the school district provides services through IEP. They also provided OT services to help with fine motor skills where he scored -0.75 standard deviations below average since his hand strength is not as good as his peers'. The OT and PT go to his daycare and provide services. My son will turn 4 in October and although we started steroids 2 months ago I did not notice a significant improvement in strength, he still cannot jump, runs slower and does modified Gower. I am sure that the school district will continue providing the services during the next academic year. Other than physical, his cognitive/academic development and speech are above his chronological age, hence we did not receive any other services.

Thought I'd give an update: Max did indeed qualify for PT services twice a month, and we are going to keep an eye on his speech and maybe re-evaulate whether he needs speech therapy in a few months. From talking with the PT, I knew her knowledge of Duchenne was limited and outdated, so I postponed our first visit until she spoke with Dr. Wong's PT. Thankfully, the school district PT was very open to learning more and was so happy she was educated by Dr. Wong's PT. The three of us decided he will go to PT at our local elementary school twice a month for a couple of months so he gets to know the PT, then just go once a month after that. Thanks for all of the advice!


How did this work out?  I hope that Max is getting what he needs.  In my experience the school should have either taken the eval for the doctor, or done their own.  I hope max is getting what he needs.




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