Hello Everyone
I would like to do some fundraising in my town to help out Muscular Dystrophy Research
But I really don't know how to get started?

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My new idea..and one great for a high school kid, I think...is to buy a designer purse... a really nice one then sell raffle tickets to pay yourself back and then raise $ for research. You could sell each ticket for $10 and sell a bucketload of tickets to highschool girls and boyfriends wanting a chance at a really nice gift for their girlfriend. You can have people sell tickets at their offices etc. If you bought a purse for $350.00 and sold 1000 tickets, that is a net of $9650! 1000x10-350

Even if you have to pay for tickets to be printed, it should be a good fundraiser.....
Hey, try just having a garage/yard sale...this is pretty simple......( Dani ) Danielle Anderson is having one where she lives this weekend....I donated and sent her some candles to sell! If you oganized one I'll send you some items to sell!!!!

I also have a way to help you get started on something(s).....e-mail me at cmarkey1961@yahoo.com and I'll share some other ways you might be interested in doing....just don't want to go into much details on here and write a long post!

Take Care!
Six years ago we started very small with a bake sale at the bank where I worked. We decided to have it during the week of Valentine's Day and at that time it was DMD Awareness Week - Your Heart is a Muscle Too. It has kept growing each year and 2 years ago we moved it to my church's hall and started to serve chili too. Our 6th Annual PPMD Bake Sale and Chili Lunch raised over $3,300 for PPMD!
I have used the idea that Lori posted. I also have 4 other prizes that people have donated to our raffle. I am asking everyone I know to sell tickets at work. I should be able to sell a few hundred tickets. I am doing it to raise money for my son, but I will be donating 10% to PPMD. This is the first time I am doing this. I'll let you know how well I do. My tickets will go on sale April 1st.
My raffle is starting this week. I have has a really great response. I think I am going to have to buy more tickets! The raffle ends on May 1st. I will let you know how well we do!
Michelle Burns
Hi Susana

About 8 years ago I started doing a yearly garage sale. Each year family and friends saved things for it and attended. It became so large that I had people return year after year and ask when next year's date was going to be so they could mark it on the calandar. It was a great fund raiser, but ended up taking 4 months to organize and price (of course if I would have shared these jobs it would have taken less time and space). I stopped after 6 years. Keep the quality up and organize the space like it is a dept. store and people will buy a lot. Over 2.5 days we made between $3000-$6000. I also ran a raffle. I had friends make a square of a quilt. The theme was HOPE. I put it together and sold tickets for $1.00 each. We made over $1000.
Good luck with your event. It doesn't have to be huge to make good money. Just think, if everyone on this site did a $1000 fund raiser. That's big bucks!!!
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Hi Susana,
Nice to 'meet' you. I live near Cambridge in England and I have a little boy, George, who has DMD. Have a look at my discussion topic 'cycle the americas' in the fundraising category. I have friends cycling down the west coast of US and if my geography serves me right you are not a million miles away??

They would love to meet you and anyone else invovevd with DMD in the area. Joy and Joff are both great public speakers and would love to help out with your fundraising. Joy is has been a lecturer and a teacher and runs workshops on charity work in Africa. Joff is passionate about british architecture - perhaps you could charge a small fee for people to attend a talk? By the time they get to the west coast they will have been cycling for many months so will, no doubt, have lots of stories to tell.

Either way, please join the group and spread the word!
cycle the americas

Best Wishes

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