Greetings to my fellow californians. Alex is slowing down, and we don't want to get stuck rushing into modifications. Does anyone know whether either the U.S. or California governments have programs making loans to fund accessibility modifications? I seem to recall this coming up at the old site, but I can't find any posts.

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I dont but I am also interested! The cost of equipment and home modifications needed for quality of life and to spare out backs as we move our son around the house are huge. If you hear of any programs or options to save, please post. Thanks!

I don't know if there are or not, I never even thought about it. We've just been going slowly, doing what work we can ourselves and just shopping around. Of course we aren't doing any major remodeling either, just small jobs to make things easier. Is Alex registered with CCS (California Children's Services)? In our experience their therapists are a great resource.

No much help.
Alex is registered with CSS at some level. I'll check with them.
I reached out to local contractors and building suppliers for donations of materials/labor on our house. We are having to do major renovations on a fixer upper house we bought before our son's diagnosis. With the value of our home plunging after we bought it, moving was not an option. With the economy so bad I recieved many no's but there were some business's that helped us tremendously.

This has actually led to a promising trail. Following your lead, I chased my tail around the CA website and found this agency:

You call the 800 number and they refer you to somebody in your local City or County government's office of disability services (which in Riverside appears to be a desk with a phone in the Community Development Deparment). The person at the state told me that many cities outsource the administration of the funds to local non-profits which is where I am at now. The loan limit is $20,000, but if you have a straight staircase that will cover an inclined platform lift in most situations.
The way it works is that for families with an income less than $77,500/year, there are grants of up to $5,000, and low cost loans of up to $20,000.00. There are a lot of accessbility modifications that could be accomplished for that kind of money.

any one heard of any grants in Texas for modifications?


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