Hi all, my son, Kyle is 21 yrs old and was diagnosed with DMD when he was 5. We put him on deflazacort when he was in grade 1 and it has kept him out of a wheel chair ever since. Up until Thanksgiving weekend 2 months ago he was independent on all daily functions of life. He was driving, walking, going to University and volunteering. His mobility was slower and he was having issues getting up out of a chair. Also his arm strength, more in the shoulder was getting visibly weaker. That fateful weekend he slipped on a tile floor and fractured the top of his femur at his hip. He had surgery immediately and they put 4 screws in to hold it together and they will be there forever.
He was told no weight bearing for 6 weeks which I was very leery about knowing that he was loosing his muscle strength and sitting for that long would not have good results. He spent the 6 weeks in the chair and now he can not get to standing from sitting at all and he can not walk on his own. He is going to physio 3 times a week where they have him walking in a sling between parallel bars. Has anyone been in this position before, DMD and a hip fracture ?? I dont know what to do, I am so scared that he will never walk again. He gets so tired when he tries to walk with a walker at home.

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