Just tested positive for the flu, even though he had the flu shot! Apparently, the shot covered the "a" strain. We had the shot in October but now have the the "b" strain. It started with a dry cough & irritated throat, before waking up this morning with red, glassy eyes, a flushed face, & fever of 103. Be aware & don't trust the flu shot!

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Did once... never will again!

Well, you should still get the flu shot for your boys! It's always a bit of a guessing game as to which strains will be prevalent that year, but there was an A and B strain in it this year, I think...hopefully him having had the shot will at least make it less severe for him. The flumist (nasal) is actually way more effective than the shot too, unfortunately our boys can't get that one.

Hope your son feels better soon! Did they put him on Tamiflu or anything?

Luckily, we caught it early & Tamiflu really helped! I'm just glad that I took him in when I did. If the fever hadn't been quite so high, I'd have probably thought "just a virus" & tried to nurse him along through the weekend. That's why I posted - just a reminder that even though we get the shot, there's still a chance of the flu. And we all know how hard it could be on our sons.

Joshua's only had the flu shot once, 4 years ago.  He was really sick after the shot took effect.  He hadn't been sick like that before and he hasn't since.  Maybe he's just blessed with a high immune system?

No get the shot. You can't get Flu from the shot, you can though from Flumist. You can get flu 2 weeks after the shot as it needs time to work. If, exposed in that time you can get sick. It is proven, safe.

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