Does everyone regularly give their DMD boys the flu shot? I am considering flumist because their is no Thimerosol in it. Has anyone else done this? What about pnuemo vaccine?

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I talked to my son's nurse and she said Alec, and the rest of the family should all get the flu shot. She warned us not to get the mist because it is a live virus and the shot is not.
make sure if you are on steroids ask doctor about flu mist, because i know dr. wong said no live vaccinations if on steroids, and for some reason the flu mist stickes out in my head, i will go back through papers to check, i do not think the phuemo is a live vaccination, but with duchenne we were told to make sure to get the flu vaccination.
You can request a thimerosol free flu shot. They make them, but not all doctors stock them. Ask ahead of time. My son's pediatrician honors our request. My feeling is why add anything toxic if you don't need too. Joanne
Joshua has gotten the flu shot which doesn't have the live the live virus in it. He is on steroids and the doctors agreed he's better off getting the shot than getting the flu itself. There's no risk so long as the shot isn't a live one.

We never give Micah a flu shot. He's allergic to milk/eggs. The dead influenza virus that is in a flu shot are grown in chicken eggs.

Here's a site that mentions thermisol and it's effects:

Unsure how reliable, but check out this site:

Just make sure that whatever choices you make for your son or you/anyone in your family, you do your homework.

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