I've been hearing some things on this years flu shot and am wondering if anyone here knows the truth behind it.  Is the shot being given in the US the same as that in Australia/other countries?  Has the flu shot been banned in Australia?  How common are the reactions that I've been hearing about (childhood deaths, seizures, narcolepsy, and coma)?

We've always all gotten the flu shot in past years, but I always want to make sure we're not doing more harm than good and making the best decision for our family.


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Hi Laurie---This has been what I have been researching most of my day...The Flu Shot!!We too have always gotten the flu shot...We did not get the H1N1 last year and feel uncomfortable that we cannot opt out of the H1N1 b/c it is in the seasonal one this year....Below..I pasted and article that I read and heard an interview today....Sounds like what u were reading too....Keep me posted...Thanks & have a good night:) LISETTE

WARING: This Year's Flu Plan
The news for this year is that the flu vaccine you'll get this fall will be a combination vaccine that contains both the regular flu- and the swine flu vaccines – you will not be given the choice to take them individually.

Barbara Loe Fisher explains:

"In February of 2009, the CDC announced that every single American from the age of 6 months through the year of death should get an annual flu shot -- every single one of us, whether we're healthy or we're sick.

In March of 2009, this mysterious H1N1 bird-pig-human hybrid influenza virus was discovered.

So here we are… Everyone is supposed to get a flu shot every year. We're going into the flu season of 2010-2011…. [But] they have decided that in the annual influenza shot for this year, there will be three type A or type B viruses, and one will be H1N1."

This is the same type of vaccine that Australia recently suspended for use in children under the age of five because it caused a surprisingly high number of reports of children suffering high fevers, vomiting and febrile convulsions.

But children aren't the only group that seem to react more violently to the trivalent vaccine that contains the H1N1 component.

A special government committee has been created to investigate last year's H1N1 monovalent vaccine for signs that it may be associated with a higher rate of certain kinds of reactions. What the committee found out provisionally is that there were three signs of trouble with the H1N1 swine flu vaccine used last year.

Fisher explains:

"One was Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), which we know has been associated with influenza vaccine since 1976 when the first swine flu vaccine was used. There is [also] a sign of a blood disorder called thrombocytopenia. Thrombocytopenia is when your blood cannot produce enough platelets. It's an autoimmune type reaction.

The other is Bell's palsy. That's a facial paralysis. It's a neuroimmune reaction.

The government is saying they don't know if these are true signals or not, but there were some red flags that were raised."

So now we're moving into the 2010-2011 flu season with a vaccine that may be very reactive.

"I am concerned," Fisher says, "We have over 300 million people [in the US] which… are supposed to get this influenza vaccine. And we have a very aggressive push by the media and others who are following the lead of the government, so we could have a bad situation."
my 3 year old got it yesterday. i was not informed of the combo, i was simply asked if my 3 boys are getting it this year. he did get a fever (but also got his DTAP shot yesterday, not sure where fever came from) seems ok, other than low fever and fussy, but geez, as if we dont have enough to worry about! my two older boys (with dmd) are scheduled to get it this afternoon
Complications from the flu, especially in people that are already immuno-comprised, are MUCH more common than complications from the flu vaccine. And there have been H#N# strains in prior vaccines-it wasn't totally untested science as some people have implied-. So yeah-we got ours yesterday. :)
Ryan got his yesterday and is fine. Flu +swine flu
Goodness, I just wish we had one moment, one break from having to decide if a treatment's benefits outweigh the risks!!!!!!

Sigh... sorry, overwhelmed with lots of recent stuff!

There are flu vaccines which are not "live", but you have to ask for them. Any live vaccine is almost to the point of not being allowed for our guys/gals.
The flu shot is an inactivated vaccine (containing killed virus). The nasal flu mist is a live vaccine our boys should not have it if they are on steroids.
ok, for the record, austin and max have had no ill effects from flu combo shot

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