When I picked up Max from daycare on Friday, I noticed he was limping. He was happy as could be and when I asked him if his legs hurt, he said no.  He seemed fine this weekend and was quite active with his sister and cousins. I mentioned the limp to his teacher this morning, and she just called to say, now that I mention it, they've noticed that Max has seemed to tire really easily for the past couple of days and is spending more time sitting/laying around. They also said he tripped and fell two or three times today, just walking around (wasn't tripped up by a toy or friend). I should add that this weekend, he developed a bit of a runny nose and cough.


Is it possible that he is declining already? He seems so little for that. Maybe the bug he caught is just making him tired. I put a call into Dr. Wong's nurse to see if she advises a visit to our pediatrician.


I was really devastated when I saw him limping on Friday.  Of course I know his diagnosis and the fact that these problems will develop, but it just killed me to think it's starting already. I guess I felt we would have a little more time without symptoms.


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Joshua had the same symptoms at this age. He is almost 8 now. Once these symptoms started to show, within a week or two, he started receiving physiotherapy, his "bedtime boots" were made, and steroids & supplements started soon after as well. The biggest lesson we had him learn was to "Listen to your body." When it tells you to stop... stop, for example.

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