I have an upcoming family reunion at my cousins house. The problem is, her house is in the country with hills and valleys all around it. Some of the land is flat, but but not much. When Alec was three I could lug him around and up and down the hills. He is now 4 and is 50lbs. I am wondering if I should skip it all together, or stay an hour and leave, or let Alec run with the 20 or more cousins till he drops? I could bring his battery powered jeep and he could tool around in that, however, he does tend to get a little crazy behind the wheel, and there will be close to 70 people there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I think this would be fun all those cousins and family, as time goes by he is going to rely more and more on family so I don't think you should even consider not going, surely he has cousins that are older than him and can look out for him and carry him about if needs be, there are also a number of adults around and if you get tired someone can take over, they must all now the situation, I think one mistake we make is think we can do this all alone, it is also very hard to ask for assistance but these people are your family and I am sure most are more than willing to lend a hand, so I say go have fun keep the connection strong with the family you are all going to need them.
Suzanne and Colin
I agree with Suzanne and Colin. Also, while it's hard to see our sons want to do all those activities that are tough on their muscles, it's important that he feels and acts like any kid can for as long as he can. Plus, there is something special about building relationships with our families. Give him the opportunity to know them and play with them.


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