How do you help your child with the falling, especially at school? Even with the steroids, the overall balance is less. He easily gets tripped or falls during recess activities and mostly gets hurt on the knees. Please share if you have any good ideas. Thanks. I am considering looking into sports knee pads...

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My son is 10 going on 11 and falls quite a bit at school. We do a couple of things that help:
1. His teacher will let him out a few minutes early for lunch or transition to classes along with 1 buddy so that he is not knocked down or rushed in the hallways.
2. We have his wheelchair at school for him to "push" behind as like a walker, and can sit in it if he wants.

Basically, having him not rushed or bumped into is the key....
Hope that helps..
I agree with Kristi that more time is usually the answer. Falling is common at that transitional phase into a wheelchair. One thing to remember, especially when the boys are in the chair is how people help them back up. A teacher or aide's first instinct is to grab them by the hands and pull them up. As the kids get weaker, you run the risk of dislocation. Always pick up by the chest or a hand on the back to sit them up.
I can really feel for you, my brother (age 26) has Beckers MD and while he can still walk around, he falls quite often. We've discovered he is falling not because his legs are giving out on him, but if he loses his footing like most of us do, he isn't strong enough to catch himself. His pants are always ripped, his knees are always cut, and even more damaged is his pride. My heart breaks everytime I see him fall or even think about him falling, seeing a grown man fall to his knees is so difficult to watch. But he always gets back up. I agree with Kristi, I think the most important thing is to have him slow down. Maybe have him and a couple of friends go to recess early, or if they change classes in school, have him and a buddy leave a little early for each class, this way he's not doing it alone, having a friend with him might make it easier.

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