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Five months ago I found this forum and hoped that it would be a source of information about Duchenne.  Unfortunately I found that participation in this once active forum has significantly decreased.  Fortunately a member tipped me off that everyone had moved to Facebook group.  I received an email notification of an response to an old post today and thought it would be good to post links to some of the active Facebook groups;

Duchenne Under 10 - ~1,500 members.  An active group discussing aspects of Duchenne for primarily ambulant patients



Actual/Potential Drugs/Supplements used for people with Duchenne - ~1,500 members.  An active group discussing treatments in use and in development. 


PPMD - ~ 700 members.  A group for discussion of PPMD activities. https://www.facebook.com/groups/193312207492703

The D.M.D ARMY - ~3,100 members.  An active group discussing all aspects of Duchenne.


There are many more but this list will help you get started. 

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