Extra Large Bowel Movements, but not exactly Constipation

I have a question:  As long as we can remember, our son has had LARGE BMs - large enough to clog the loo on occasion.

We have never used Miralax as it is NOT FDA approved for use in children and approved only for 7 days for adults.  I do not wish to add chemicals and this stuff can have some less than welcome, side effects.

Does anyone offer Cultutelle? 

I have taken to adding clear, dissolvable fiber powder in my son's water he drinks and this seems to help, but is there a capsule or tablet I can offer that pretty much would have the same effect?

When he goes to college, I do no think he would be adding this powder to all his drinks.

He always needs to be hydrated, but will fiber tabs help as much as this powder does?

Just looking for experience in this??  Thanks

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