Hello Parents:Is there a significant difference between Eplerenone and Spironolactone in terms of any side effects?Thank you.

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Yes there is but I'm not sure exactly where the difference would be noticed.
I was told the main reason Ohio State chose to run their trial on Eplerenone is because of the better profile with respect to side effects

Ok,David.I am not a scientific person so most info in that area confuses me pretty much.I can't seem to find Eplerenone in Nairobi ,only Spironolactone.I guess i will go with it for now.Thanks and good day.

Never heard of Eplerenone, however I do know that Spironolactone is also used as a Testosterone blocker in Male to Female Transsexuals and that is one of the reasons I take it because it reduces Testosterone and can have feminizing side effects. The other reason being that it helps lessen the cardiac problems associated with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The main reason is, obviously, the DMD. That being said, spironolactone has less dangerous side effects than many of the other similar medicines and is probably the most readily available.

Hi Isabella,Spironolactone is available where i am ,i am yet to find any pharmacist stocking eplerenone.So i think i will stick to Spironolactone.Thank you.

I was just explaining the positives and negatives of Spironolactone, I wasn't telling you to use a different medicine. In fact, I was advocating in favor of Spironolactone.

Thanks,Isabella,for the insight.We are currently using spironolactone and we are sure it will serve us well. 

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