We just had a blood draw done.  Endocrine doctor called and said 5 times higher ALTSGOT  liver enzyme.  I am 99.9% sure that this is common in DMD...but could someone confirm for me so that I can relax.....Thanks Char Burke

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Yes, liver enzymes are elevated in boys with dmd.

Thanks Janine - I was pretty sure that was right.  When I googled ALT enzyme though it mentioned other issues....Thanks.


Usually thought of as "liver enzymes", but are also found in muscle, and that's why they are high in our boys.  I'm surprised your endocrinologist was surprised...


Doesn't that mean that the liver is working harder?

The liver enzymes are very similar to muscle enzymes, the liver enzymes analysis is not designed to be done with other muscle enzymes in the blood. In DMD the muscle enzymes are very elevated in the blood so the result of the liver enzymes analysis seems higher than it is.

Tammy said:

Doesn't that mean that the liver is working harder?

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